OneBusiness Pack acceptance criteria refined for cafés, restaurants, takeaways and catering services

We heard your feedback on our acceptance criteria for cafés and restaurants and refined our rules to expand our acceptance criteria.  We now assess the following ANZSIC’s based on their building roof construction type:

  • 4511 Cafes and Restaurants
  • 4512 Takeaway Food Services, and
  • 4513 Catering Services

If the roof type is of a durable nature (metal or concrete), we will simply ask you an additional endorsement question regarding having the ducting cleaned professionally on an annual basis and if your client does this, then we will accept.

We had a look back on the declines we’ve gotten to date, and we estimate that 60% of those declines would now be acceptable under the new rules. Start quoting these ANZSIC’s now!

Here is the full listing of acceptable ANZSIC’s for your reference.