OneMotor is innovative

We provide the same PDS coverage for personal and commercial vehicles, with optional enhanced coverage for commercial vehicles. We have standardised pricing and underwriting rules, all in one OneMotor policy so brokers can easily service their clients in one place.

Optional enhanced coverage for commercial vehicles

OneMotor is customisable with various optional benefits available so you get the right coverage for your client

Both comprehensive and third party coverage are available


OnePatch saves you time

Our portal, OnePatch, saves you time with one quoting journey and standardised pricing and underwriting rules across both personal and commercial motor. Are you a broker and interested in quoting OneMotor for your clients? Give us a few basic details here and we will be in touch!

Target Market Determination and Premium Excess and Discount Guide

We have established a Target Market Determinations (TMD) and Premium Excess and Discount Guide (PEDG) for our OneMotor insurance product we offer through our network of brokers. If you need guidance about our TMD and/or PEDG and how they apply to your policy, please reach out to your broker for assistance.

Current versions of our documents are listed below.

TMD OneMotor
PEDG OneMotor

Older Versions

For older versions of our documents, please visit our document library