OneBusiness Pack acceptance criteria expanded to include new ANZSIC’s in our March 2023 release

We launched OneBusiness Pack with a plan expand our list of acceptable occupations in line with your feedback following our launch.

We are pleased to announce the following additional ANZSIC’s are now acceptable. You can also refer to our updated Occupation List for a full listing of acceptable ANZSIC’s.

2006 ANZSIC Description 
3311Wool Wholesaling
3312Cereal Grain Wholesaling
3339Other Hardware Goods Wholesaling
3411Agricultural and Construction Machinery Wholesaling
3419Other Specialised Industrial Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling
3604Fish and Seafood Wholesaling
3605Fruit and Vegetable Wholesaling
3720Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Goods Wholesaling
7220Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement Services


We are targeting to expand this list again in April, with an additional 40 ANZSIC’s, so stay tuned!