OnePatch Key Functionality Released

Release: January 27th 2023

Hi & welcome to the Clover Technology Patch!

The Technology Patch is where I will share with you the details of any OnePatch enhancements we release, as well as future release plans and functionality.

We launched OnePatch in 2022 with a plan to enhance the functionality significantly this year, and ongoing, to ensure we get to a best-in-class platform for our brokers to quote their customers.

Below is an overview of the key functionality we rolled out in the January 27th release:


Login to OnePatch today to check out these exciting enhancements. 

It’s also worth mentioning that we have a quoting competition on at the moment. If you complete a quote, you will be entered into our quoting competition, for a chance to win a prize of your choice. More quotes = greater chance of winning!

Stay tuned for what’s coming in our next release and, as always, we want to hear your feedback on our OnePatch system and OneBusiness Pack product. Email us any time at [email protected].

Grant Barrington