OneBusiness Pack residential property owners accept or decline rules are now system-based (no lengthy referrals!)

In line with our commitment to have minimal to no referrals, our underwriting rules for ANZSIC 6711 (Residential Property Owners) are now built into our portal, OnePatch, so you get to a quote or decline without a lengthy referral process. 

A few key points to highlight:

  • We will write business for residential property owners provided tenants are standard long-term tenants (short-term rentals are a decline)
  • If the building is purely residential (i.e., no businesses occupy any of the tenancies) we recommend you use a traditional landlord’s product vs. the OneBusiness Pack product (Clover OneHome & landlord is coming soon!)

Start quoting residential property owners now!

Here is the full listing of acceptable ANZSIC’s for your reference